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Pandaloon Walking Unicorn Dog and Pet Costume

  • $ 29.99

The cutest walking panda dog costume now has friends! By popular demand, the Panda Puppy now has a walking white polar bear friend. 

We are working as quickly as possible to ship ASAP in the order purchases are received.  Order now to get your costume first! You'll receive an update with your package ETA and a tracking number when your costume ships. 

Please measure total height (front paws to top of head/ears) and girth. 

Dog costumes and fashion sizes run very small for precision fit. The following sizes are unique to this type of costume and for small & very small dogs. 

  • Size 1 Height 13-14.5 inches (up to ears, not shoulder), Girth is adjustable up to approx 16 inches.
  • Size 2 Height 15-17 inches (up to ears, not shoulder), Girth is adjustable up to approx 17 inches.
  • Shoulder to shoulder width is 6-8 inches, but the back expands to accommodate a great deal of girth, typically fitting dogs under 16 lbs, depending on build. 
  • Huxley (unicorn pictured) is a 4.5 lb Pomeranian and wears a size 1 at 12.5 inches height, 12 inches girth. However, many dogs weigh 2x his weight at the same height so please measure total height (paws to ears) and girth (widest part of chest)
  • Lemon (pictured in orange costumes) is a 10 lb Pomeranian, wears a size 1 at 13 inches tall and 19 inches girth. Sizing is due to height and girth, not weight, so please measure.

Measuring Your Pet - Printable Measuring Tape 

  • Measure height from front paws to top of head. For dogs with longer necks, measure along neck to allow for more fabric.
  • Paws may show slightly, depending on your dog's posture. This costume with arms will fit like a hoodie from legs to top of head.

  Visit our dear friend and model Lemon's Instagram

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