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Pandaloon Walking Unicorn Dog and Pet Costume - AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK

  • $ 29.99

The cutest walking panda dog costume now has friends! By popular demand, Pandaloon created the cutest walking unicorn costume for cats and dogs. 

Sizes 1-2 are ready to ship within 1-2 business days. Size 3-4 will ship approx August 26. Order now to reserve your costume as only a limited number of these walking unicorn costumes are being sewn according to our custom design!

Please measure total height (front paws to top of head/ears) and girth. 

Dog costumes and fashion sizes run very small for precision fit. The following sizes are unique to this type of costume and for small & very small dogs. Please see size and breed charts below. 

  • Size 1 Height 13-14.5 inches (up to ears, not shoulder), Girth is adjustable up to approx 16 inches. Very small dogs, light build. 
  • Size 2 Height 15-16.5 inches (up to ears, not shoulder), Girth is adjustable up to approx 17 inches. Very small dogs, light build. 
  • Size 3 Height 17-19.5 inches (up to ears, not shoulder), Girth is adjustable up to approx 22 inches. Small dogs, wider build ok (ie: Corgis, Frenchies)
  • Size 4 Height 20-23.5 inches (up to ears, not shoulder), Girth is adjustable up to approx 26 inches. 
  • Size 1-2 for light builds only -- shoulder to shoulder width is ~4-5 inches, but the back expands to accommodate a great deal of girth, typically fitting dogs under 12 lbs, depending on build. 
  • Size 3 or larger is typically needed for any broad chested or muscular dogs like Corgis, Frenchies, etc. Shoulder to shoulder width is ~6 inches, but girth expands. (Size 3 fits most Corgis and Frenchies 15-19.5 inches tall). 
  • Please DO NOT count on weight alone. 
  • See breed chart for past happy customer examples. 
  • @Huxley the Panda Puppy (panda model) and @Orkyeh (unicorn model) are Pomeranians who wear size 1, at 4.5 lbs. and 13 inches tall.

  • @Lemonpom (lion and bunny model) is a Pomeranian who wears size 1, at 9.5 lbs. and 13 inches tall.

  • @Gus Gus in the City (teddy bear model) is a Frenchie who wears a size 3, at 18 lbs. and 15 inches tall. 

Measuring Your Pet - Printable Measuring Tape 

  • Measure height from front paws to top of head. For dogs with longer necks, measure along neck to allow for more fabric.
  • Paws may show slightly, depending on your dog's posture. This costume with arms will fit like a hoodie from legs to top of head.

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