Pandaloon Costume Videos

Our Pandaloon costume videos have received over 165 million views on Facebook and a few other channels, including Crazimals, Unilad, LADBible, Viral Thread and more. Please take a look below at the videos made by Huxley the Panda Puppy, the furry founder of Pandaloon and Pandaloon friends, including Lemon the Pomeranian. Our pet models enjoy playing, fun and attention and treats at our brief and playful video shoots. Always respect your pet's comfort level with apparel and any new situation. Please see below for videos on how to fit your costume and introduce your pet to a new costume with positive reinforcement.


Happy National Panda Day! 🐼❤️which 🐼clip made u smile? Check cmmts!Im on tv tmmrw##justmyluck##pets

♬ Pump It Up - KU古曜威⭐️


Huxley the Panda Bunny🐼🐰Are ur slowmos this floppy?😂 ##pandaloon##pethalloffame ##slowmo

♬ original sound - sunrisemusic

Pandaloon Costume Instructions