Pandaloon Walking Koala Pet Costume - Limited Edition
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Pandaloon Walking Koala Pet Costume - Limited Edition

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New limited edition styles are here! This adorable Pandaloon Walking Koala Bear Pet Costume is available to only the first 100 customers in size 1 and 3. Featuring adorable wiggly arms, furry white ears, a pandalon embroidery heart patch and Eucalyptus leaves to turn your pet into the sleepy marsupial of his or her dreams! 

Order today to get your costume in time for Halloween! Standard shipping orders placed today arrive approx. 10/26-10/29 in the continental US. Expedited and 2 day shipping options available at checkout.

Please measure total height (front paws to top of head/ears) and girth. Dog costumes and fashion sizes run very small for precision fit. The following sizes are unique to this type of costume and for small to small/medium dogs. 

  • Size 1 Height 13-14 inches (up to ears, not shoulder), Girth is adjustable up to approx 16 inches. Very small dogs, light build. 
  • Size 3 Height 17-19 inches (up to ears, not shoulder), Girth is adjustable up to approx 22 inches. Small dogs, wider build ok (ie: Corgis, Frenchies, Pugs)
  • Size 1 for light builds only -- shoulder to shoulder width is ~5 inches, but the back expands to accommodate a great deal of girth, typically fitting dogs under 12 lbs, depending on build. 
  • Size 3 or larger is typically needed for any broad chested or muscular dogs like Corgis, Frenchies, etc. Shoulder to shoulder width is ~6 inches, but girth expands. (Size 3 fits most Corgis and Frenchies 15-19.5 inches tall). 
  • Please DO NOT count on weight alone. 
  • @Huxley the Panda Puppy (panda model) and @Orkyeh (unicorn model) are Pomeranians who wear size 1, at 4.5 lbs. and 13 inches tall.

  • @Lemonpom (lion and bunny model) is a Pomeranian who wears size 1, at 9.5 lbs. and 13 inches tall.

  • @Gus Gus in the City (teddy bear model) is a Frenchie who wears a size 3, at 18 lbs. and 15 inches tall. 

    See breed chart below for examples of happy customers examples!
  • To request a size, please enter your info here to let us know you're interested! You'll be updated as the time frame is confirmed. 

Measuring Your Pet - Printable Measuring Tape 

  • Measure height from front paws to top of head. For dogs with longer necks, measure along neck to allow for more fabric.
  • Paws may show slightly, depending on your dog's posture. This panda dog costume with arms will fit like a hoodie from legs to top of head.
  • HIGH QUALITY WALKING TEDDY BEAR COSTUME WITH ARMS - Soft plush fabric, reinforced feet, velcro Eucalyptus leaf accessory, adjustable face and back for a perfect teddy bear illusion
    Size 1 fits VERY small dogs ~12.5-14 inches tall (TOTAL HEIGHT from head to toe, not shoulder), GIRTH under 16 in (shoulder to shoulder width 4-7 in), HEAD width under 6 in. Add space based on your dog's build (muscular, broad chests, fluffy, big head etc) Please measure! This is a jumpsuit, not a sweater, so sizing must be measured. For very small dogs, typically under 10 lbs (unless your dog is muscular, thus smaller). Please measure as weight does not guarantee body size. 




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