Shipping Times

Shipping Policies

How long does it take for delivery?

Orders typically ship within 1 business day unless otherwise noted. 

Estimated Shipping Times

Standard Approximately 4-7 business days
Expedited Approximately 3-4 business days
2 day  2 days (After 1 day handling) 


**Please note that we are working around the clock to help your packages arrive ASAP. However, the postal service and other shippers have struggled to keep up with the volume of packages moving during this (now somewhat precedented) time. Carriers have removed their delivery guarantees due to the current situation, but we are constantly monitoring delivery speeds and tracking to ensure we provide the best information available.

Scans are less frequent so your tracking may not show up to date progress. If you notice an unusual delay, contacting the carrier would provide up to date info and help push the carriers to provide a solution. We will be glad to push on our end too. 

Thank you for your understanding that we will do our very best to set up your delivery for success during this unusual time. 

What shipping method do you use? 

Our inventory is sent from multiple locations in order to give you the best possible speed at the best rate we can find. Most standard orders ship by USPS or DHL. Expedited and 2 day orders are sent by USPS, UPS, Fedex, DHL or smaller carriers according to the location of the item and the software our warehouse uses to truck, then ship your product as fast as possible. 

Why does shipping have a charge?

Thank you for supporting small businesses like Pandaloon by ordering directly from the source! We do not seek to make any profit off of shipping fees. We've searched for years to find the best rates possible and we still pay a portion of the postage. Most often, we pay more than half of the fulfillment costs to help make your purchase easier. 


International Orders

Does the shipping cost include duties?

No, each buyer is responsible for duties, VAT and any other customs related charges for their own country. Please keep an eye on the tracking to ensure an easier process of paying duties to receive your package. 

UK customers: Please note that Royal Mail or the mail carrier will collect VAT/duties (based on your country's rate) and an "International Handling Fee" (usually around 8 Euro) before delivery. We cannot control the taxes charged by your country, but our shipping rates are kept as low as possible to help. 


Can you ship to addresses outside of the US?

Yes. International shipping is available at checkout at the lowest possible costs through USPS, UPS and DHL. Please measure carefully as it is not possible to offer return or exchange shipping for international packages. Please email us if you have any questions and we will make sure to help with sizing.