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PLEASE NOTE! Total height 13-23 inches. Fits most cats and small and medium dogs. Weight varies: ~4-30 lbs for thin builds, ~5-45 lbs for muscular builds

NO NEED TO MEASURE NOW! After purchasing, you'll be emailed a link with a step by step measuring page on how to pick the right size for your pet.

We are happy to personally help you with any questions and get your Pandaloon shipped ASAP!

The cutest walking panda dog costume now has friends! By popular demand, the cutest walking teddy bear costume now comes in brown teddy bear, white polar bear and orange lion colors. 

Order now as only a limited number of these walking teddy bear costumes are being sewn according to our custom design!

 Height - Measure up to TOP of head, not shoulder. 

Girth - Measure all the way around the widest part of the chest (like a belt). 

Sizes available: 

Panda, Teddy Bear: Size 0-5
Bunny, Unicorn: Size 0-4
Lion: Size 1-4
Penguin, Koala: Size 1,3
Polar Bear: Size 1-2

Size 0

Panda, Teddy Bear, Bunny and Unicorn styles only
  • Height 11-12 inches at TOP of head. Girth up to 16 inches. 
  • Very tiny dogs or dogs with short legs such as Yorkies, tiny Chihuahuas (usually 3-5 lbs), mini Dachshunds
  • Not for most cats, unless legs are short. Cats should size up to size 1 if legs are 3.5-5 inches long.

 Size 1

  • Height 13-14 inches at TOP of head. Girth up to 21 inches**
**If girth is 18+ inches, please check shoulder to shoulder width is 6 inches or less.
    •  Very small dogs and average cats. Dog weight varies but usually <9 lbs, light build.
    • Not for broader shoulders such as Pugs and Frenchies (check shoulder width diagram)

    Size 1 Happy Customer Examples: (Light/avg builds ONLY. For wide shoulders, see size 3.)
    Smaller Cats
    Brussels Griffon 8-11 lbs
    Chihuahua 6-10 lbs
    Dachshund 18-24 lb (if legs >3.5 in)
    Havanese (very small) 7 lbs
    Japanese Chin 9 lbs
    Maltese 6-9 lbs
    Papillon 5-9 lbs
    Pomeranian 4-9 lbs
    Shih Tzu 9-12 lbs
    Toy Poodle 6 lbs
    Yorkie(taller) 6-9 lbs

     Size 2

    • Height 15-16 inches at TOP of head. Girth up to 21 inches**
    • **If girth is 18+ inches, please check shoulder to shoulder width is 6 inches or less.
    •  Very small dogs and cats with longer legs. Dog weight varies but usually <12 lbs, light build such as Mini Poodles. 
    • Not for broader shoulders such as Pugs and Frenchies (check shoulder width diagram)

    Size 2 Happy Customer Examples: (THIN BUILDS ONLY, For longer legged mini breeds)
    Most Cats
    Border Terrier 13 lbs
    Boston Terrier (smaller) 12 lbs
    Chihuahua Mix (taller) 11 lbs
    Chinese Crested 10 lbs
    Min Pin 8-11 lbs
    Mini Poodle 12 lbs
    Pomeranian (taller) 12 lbs
    Rat Terrier (Mini) 12 lbs
    Shih Tzu (taller) 16 lbs

     Size 3 (Not available in polar bear)

    • Height 17-19 inches at TOP of head. Girth up to approx. 27 inches**
    • **If girth is 24+ inches, please check shoulder to shoulder width is 8 inches or less.
    • Small-medium dogs, wider shoulders allso fit (ie: Corgis, Frenchies, Havanese). See below for weight examples.  

    Size 3 Happy Customer Examples:
    Beagle 19 lbs
    Bichon Frise 16 lbs
    Boston Terrier 15 lbs
    Cockapoo 16 lbs***
    Corgi 24-30 lb
    Frenchie 18-30 lbs
    Havanese 16 lbs
    Jack Russell Terrier 15 lbs
    King Charles Cavalier 13 lbs
    Min Pin 15 lbs
    Mini Doodle 14 lbs***
    Mini Schnauzer 18 lbs
    Pug 16 lbs
    Rat Terrier 19 lbs

    Shiba Inu (small) 17 lbs
    Spaniel (smaller) 15 lbs
    Westie 22 lbs

    ***Poodle mixes vary in height. Please measure/add length along neck.

     Size 4 (Not yet available in koala, penguin, polar)

    • Height 20-23 inches at TOP of head. Girth 19-30 inches**
    • **If girth is 27+ inches, please check shoulder to shoulder width is 9 inches or less.
    • Medium sized dogs, wider shoulders are okay (ie: smaller English bulldogs). See below for weight examples.  

    Size 4 Happy Customer Examples:

    American Staffordshire Terrier (small) 45 lbs
    Beagle 26 lbs
    Boston Terrier 25 lbs
    Cockapoo 18-24 lbs***
    Cocker Spaniel 25 lbs
    English Bulldog 45 lbs
    English Cocker Spaniel 29 lbs
    Frenchie 35 lbs
    King Charles Cavalier 18 lbs
    Mini Aussie 28 lbs
    Mini Doodle 23 lbs***
    Rat Terrier 24 lbs
    Sheltie 27 lbs
    Shiba Inu 24 lbs

    Welsh Terrier 23 lbs

    ***Poodle mixes vary in height. Please measure/add length along neck.

     Size 5 Panda and Teddy Bear only

      • Height 24-28 inches at TOP of head. Girth 24-38 inches**
      • **If girth is 33+ inches, please check shoulder to shoulder width is 11 inches or less.
      • Medium sized dogs, wider shoulders are okay (ie: English bulldogs). See below for weight examples.  
    Size 5 Happy Customer Examples:
    American Staffordshire Terrier 60 lbs
    Australian Shepherd (smaller) 35 lbs
    Australian Cattle 40 lbs
    Border Collie 35 lbs
    Brittany 35 lbs
    English Springer Spaniel 45 lbs
    Mini Doodle 28 lbs***
    Portugese Water Dog (small) 35 lbs
    Standard Poodle (small)  40 lbs***
    Standard Schnauzer 40 lbs
    Wheaten Terrier 35 lbs
    ***Poodles and doodles vary in height. Please measure/add length along neck.



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    Customer Feedback

    Best costume we've ever bought for our dog!

    The quality of this costume by far exceeds the typical pet costume. It's one piece so you don't have the issue of the head piece being shaken off easily. Multiple adjustment options to fit the costume better than any other brands we've purchased (the one around the face is key!). The costume is adorable to boot! We have an 18 lb westie (short, stocky) and the size 3 fits perfectly.

    DJ, Pet Parent of a Size 3 Havanese


    Adorable! Hilarious!! My friend's dog is never happy to be dressed up, but he looks SO DAMN CUTE in both the bear & bunny (bc he's closest to those colors). I can tell he's not physically uncomfortable...he even fell asleep in my lap wearing the bunny. He got super excited when I unwrapped both...Everyone I show his pic to laughs so loudly, they LOVE IT!

    LuluNlalaland, Friend of a Pet Parent

    "This is good quality!"

    ~Sara Blakely, Founder of Spanx on ABC's Shark Tank

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